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Movie review: Sudigadu is a laugh riot

Bhimaneni Srinivasa's Telugu film Sudigadu is a laugh riot that keeps
the audience entertained right up till the end. The movie has given
viewers a good watch for the weekend.

The comedy revolves around Kamesh (played by Allari Naresh) and his
wife (played by Hema) who become the proud parents of a baby. The
twist is that the infant is born with a six pack body and has a sworn
enemy, Thikkal Reddy (played by Jayaprakash Reddy), who keeps
conniving to harm him. Kamesh then sends him off to city where he
grows into dynamic Shiva played again by Allari Naresh - the first
double role of his career.

Shiva grows up to play all sorts of histrionics like making bullets
stop and challenging time. The romantic angle is provided by Monal
Gajjar who plays his love interest in the movie.

Allari Naresh performance is remarkable both as Kamesh and Shiva. His
witty comic dialogues have a great impact on viewers. On the whole I
can say he kept the film going throughout. Heroine Monal Gajjar
opposite him is ok. The strength of the film lies in brilliantly
conceived spoofs on the biggest hits of the industry. The spoofs are
done without malice in a good natured manner. The one on TV anchor
Omkar has the audience rolling with laughter.

The other actors whose performance contributes to the success of the
movie are Jayaprakash Reddy, Sayaji Shinde, Krishna Bhagawan and MS
Narayana. Hema and Kovai Sarala are average in their roles. Fish
Venkat and Raghu Babu too entertain briefly. But Kondavalasa and
Sriram look out of place in their characters.

The climax does seem to let down the viewer a bit. As far as the songs
go, none are particularly entertaining. Camerawork and dialogues
deserve special mention. They have been written in a very humorous

On the whole, Sudigadu makes for a good watch this weekend. Don't miss it.

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