Tech Buzz: How To Access Blocked Web Sites

Hello Friends,How’re You Today, Today we will see How to Access Blocked Web sites. We have also discussed How to find IP address of a website.
Specially in School and Colleges, Social networking sites and Youtube are normally blocked.
We have to spend whole day in colleges, Most of the colleges and schools have internet connection but the main problem is that,They block Websites which we Really Want for Entertainment.
So,  today we will see the solution to this problem.

There Are Many Tricks But We Discuss Only Two Tricks Here Which Can Really Helpful For Teenagers And Officers.

1) Through Website IP Address
2) Through Proxy Websites

1) Website IP Address:-
In this Trick we open websites through Ip address of that website. All websites have Thier own Ip address.but now you must be thinking how to get Ip address of websites, no dont worry i will help you out.

Carry out all the below steps to find the Ip address of websites.

Step 1:- Open CMD Through Start program.

Step 2:- Write “ping”  give space and type website name there.For eg : ping

Step 3:- Then Press Enter.You Can See One Window Like Below.


Step 4: As you can see in the above picture,after doing 3rd step, you get the ip address. now enter that ip address in the address bar in you Browser, press enter. thats it.

Note : Manny a times websites are blocked along with their ip address, so if ip address of the site are also blocked then you can open that particular site.

But here is another trick to access blocked websites even if websites and their ip address are blocked.

2) Proxy Websites:-

In This Trick You can Access any Websites Through Proxy Websites,
Here are some Proxy Websites

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