Current Affairs: 11 wealthiest women in technology industry a page from TOI site

1. Meg Whitman

She made her fortune at eBay before becoming CEO of HP in 2011, tops our list. She's reportedly worth $1.9 billion. Meg is also the only female tech executive to crack Forbes list of 400 richest Americans.

2. Sheryl Sandberg

Her net worth hovers around $1 billion, made her mark as Facebook's Chief Operating Officer. She's also become famous for her bestselling book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, published last year.

3. Marissa Mayer

She was the 20th employee at Google and sits on Walmart's board of directors. She became CEO of Yahoo in July 2012. VentureBeat estimates Mayers net worth at $300 million.

4. Ginni Rommety

She became IBM's CEO two years ago. Estimating Rommety's net worth is tricky. Since she didn't crack Forbes list of wealthy Americans, we can assume she's worth less than $1 billion. In 2012, her total compensation was $16.1 million.

5. Safra Catz

She became an Oracle exec in 1999 and has since then worked her way up and is now the President and CFO. In 2013, she earned over $44 million in stock and options, according to SEC. She reports to founder and CEO, Larry Ellison.

6. Ursula Burns

She became the first African-American woman in July 2009 to lead a Fortune 500 company as Xerox CEO and Chairwoman. She started out as an intern in 1980. Her compensation last year was over $7.5 million, according to SEC.

7. Susan Wojcicki

She became YouTube's CEO after becoming SVP of advertising at Google. Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page rented her garage as Google's first office. Her position at YouTube guarantees her a fortune upwards of $10 million.

8. Renee James

She became President of Intel in May 2013, instantly becoming one of the most powerful women in business and technology. Her total compensation in 2012 was over $15 million, and that was before she became president.

9. Amy Hood

She became Microsofts CFO last May and reports to CEO Satya Nadella. Her total compensation neared $7.5 million. Before transitioning to CFO, Hood led Microsoft's business team in acquiring big names like Skype and Yammer.

10. Angela Ahrendts

She cut her teeth at Burberry, where she rose to CEO, before joining Apple this year as Head of Retail and Online Stores, a role created just for her. She's the first woman to join CEO Tim Cook's executive team. She has been awarded $76 million in stock (based on current value) that vests over the next four years.

11. Lucy Peng

She is an Alibaba founder, became the company's Chief People Officer in June after successfully growing its small lending and microfinance operations. The ecommerce company recently announced an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, claiming a value of around $120 billion. For reference, Amazon is worth approximately $137 billion. Peng's fortunes will undoubtedly skyrocket when the company completes its IPO.

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