Notification for 411 Assistant Engineer Vacancies in APGENCO

Jharkhand PSC Professor in Kolhan University vacancy Dec-2011

Applications are invited for following posts of Professors in various Government Universities in various subjects  in Jharkhand :
  • Professor : 22 posts in Kolhan University, Chaibasa
  • Professor : 11 posts in Sibu Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka
  • Professor : 19 posts in Nilambar Pitambar University,  Palamu 
Pay Scale : Rs.37400-67000 AGP Rs.10000/-

Age : 62 years

Application Fee :  Rs 600/- Plus Bank Charges/ Post office charges Rs 50/-, total Rs 650/- can be deposited through challan in any branch of State Bank of India or in any branch of post office as mentioned on the back page of the challan which is available at  website of the JPSC. 

How to Apply :  Application should be received in JPSC office through registered/ Speed post on the address ofSecretary,  Jharkhand Public Service Commission, Circular Road, Ranchi-834001 latest by 5.00 PM on31/12/2011.

For further information, please view  and application form & Challan forms are available at

Transient response of a simple RC circuit

Transient response of a simple RC circuit

The switch is closed at time=0. After the switch is closed, the
voltage on the capacitor changes from its initial value to a value
that aproaches Vb in an exponential manner.

The following equations describe the voltage change with regard to time.

Vc(t) = Vb + (Vc(0) - Vb)e^(-t/T)
T = RC

C Is the value of the capacitor in farads.
e is 2.718 (you knew that, right? :-) )
R Is the value of the resistor in ohms.
t Is the time in seconds after the switch is closed.
T Is actually Tau, but that's not in ASCII
It is the time constant, the product of R and C
Vb Is the voltage supplied by the voltage source.
In this case, the battery symbol represents an ideal
voltage source.
Vc(t) Is the voltage across the capacitor at the specified time.

The GDSII Stream Format

> GDS = Graphic Database System

Initially, GDSII was designed as a format used to control integrated
circuit photomask plotting. Despite its limited set of features and
low data density, it became the industry conventional format for
transfer of IC layout data between design tools of different vendors,
all of which operated with proprietary data formats.
It was originally developed by Calma for its layout design software,
"Graphic Data System" ("GDS") and "GDSII". Now the format is owned by
Cadence Design Systems.
GDS II files are usually the final output product of the IC design
cycle and are given to IC foundries for IC fabrication. GDS II files
were originally placed on magnetic tapes. This moment was fittingly
called tape out though it is not the original root of the term.
Objects contained in a GDSII file are grouped by assigning numeric
attributes to them including a "layer number", "datatype" or
"texttype". While these attributes were designed to correspond to the
"layers of material" used in manufacturing an integrated circuit,
their meaning rapidly became more abstract to reflect the way that the
physical layout is designed.
As of October 2004, many EDA software vendors have begun to support a
new format, OASIS, which may replace GDSII.


Dell Fully Solved Sample Placement Papers mncs with Answers

Dell Fully Solved Sample Placement Papers mncs with Answers, Detail
Explanations, Time Based Approach and All India Performance Ranking is
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Dell Placement Papers mncs

Test Paper :5
Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 25 August 2009
Test Location : SKIT KKR
Posted By : amit

1. Three bells rings at the intervals of 36 seconds, 40 seconds and 48
seconds respectively. They start ringing together at a particular
time. When they will start ringing together again?
(1)After 6 minutes
(2) After 12 minutes
(3)After 18 minutes
(4) After 24 minutes
2. The sum of one-half, one-third and one-fourth of a number exceeds
the number by 12. The number is
(2) 154
(3) 90
(4) 174
3. A farmer divides his herd of x cows among his 4 sons so that one
son gets one half of the herd, the second gets one-fourth, the third
gets one-fifth and the fourth gets 7 cows. Then x is equal to
(1) 100
(2) 140
(4) 160
4. If the list price of a book is reduced by Rs. 5, then a person can
buy 5 more books for Rs. 300. The original cost of the book is
(1) Rs. 15
(2) Rs. 20
(3) Rs. 25
(4) Rs. 30
5. A man has only 20-paise and 25-paise coins in a bag. If he has 50
coins in all totaling to Rs.11.25, then the number of 20-paise coins
(1) 28
(2) 27 1
(4) 25
6. Jayant gets 3 marks for each right sum and loses 2 marks for each
wrong sum. He attempts 30 sums and obtains 40 marks. The number of
sums attempted correctly is
(1) 25
(2) 20
(3) 26
(4) 27
Complete the following number series:
7. 1, 1, 3, 9, 5, 25, 7, 49 _, 81
(2) 9
(3) 8
(4) 10
8. 5, 11, 23, 41, 64, _
(2) 95
(3) 101
(4) 105
Directions (9-11): Study the information given below to answer these questions.
Mark your answer as:
(i) If both A and R are correct but R does not explain A.
(ii) If both A and R are correct and R explains A.
(iii) If A is correct but R is wrong.
(iv) If A wrong but R is correct.
9. Assertion (A): A saltwater fish drinks sea water where a fresh
water fish never drinks water.
Reason (R): A saltwater fish is hyper tonic to its environment while a
freshwater fish is hypotonic to its environment.
10. Assertion (A): The territory of India is larger than the
territories of the States taken together.
Reason (R): India is a Union of States.
11. Assertion (A): Alcohol rather than mercury is used in a
thermometer to measure a temperature of 60o C.
Reason (R): Alcohol has a lower freezing point then mercury.
Directions (12-13): On the basis of given statements answer the
following questions: All good athletes want win and all athletes who
want to win, eat a well-balanced diet. Therefore, all athletes who do
not eat a well-balanced diet are bad athletes.
12. If assumptions of the argument above are true, then which of the
following statements must be true?
1) No athlete who does not eat a well-balanced diet is a good athlete.
2) No bad athlete wants to win.
3) Every athlete who eats a well-balanced diet is a good athlete.
4) All athletes who want to win are good athletes.
13. Which of the following if true, would refute the assumptions of
argument above?
1) Bob, the accountant, eats a well-balanced diet, but he is not a good athlete.
2) Ann wants to win, but she is not a good athlete.
3) All the players on the Burros baseball team eat a well-balanced diet.
4) Cindy, the basketball star, does not eat a well-balanced diet, but
she is a good athlete.
Directions (Q.14-18): In the following questions, the first and the
last parts of the sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the
sentence is split into four parts named P, Q, R and S. These four
parts are not given in their proper order. Read the parts, arrange
them properly and find out which of the five combinations given below
is appropriate, and mark it as your answer.
1. The latest move
P. women is being opposed
Q. to reserve one-third of
R. tooth and nail by
S. the electoral seats for
6. some political parties.
1. One of the most pernicious
P. ancient scriptures is that
Q. of the system of caste hierarchy,
R. and reactionary feudal survivals
S. sanctified by some
6. exploitation and oppression.
1. Experience as well as
P. tells us that any attempt
Q. at a forced equalisation of income
R. modern economic theory
S. and wealth destroys the incentives
6. that encourage efficiency.
1. The chances of electoral success
P. for liberals would certainly improve
Q. under the banner of
R. a liberal party with its
S. if they could fight
6. own electoral symbol.
1. The author has pointed an
P. of the community who
Q. accusing finger at the Muslim intelligentsia
R. maintain a stoic silence over the
S. and the dominant members
6. bizarre happenings in Kashmir .
Passage :
Efforts are on to generate favourable public opinion for allowing our
government to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). It
appears the government has been trying to sell to opposition parties
and the public the following point:
Our nuclear scientists are sure that with the Pokhran –II tests,
conducted in May 1998, they have "enough data, expertise and skills to
conduct sub-critical test and maintain our deterrence for the next 25
years or so," and therefore, we can go ahead sign the CTBT. India does
not need any further nuclear test for weaponisation and for acquiring
a minimum deterrent. If we sign the CTBT now, there will be every
possibility of the American Government supporting India to get a
permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. There will be
favourable world opinion and it will result in many advantages to
India .
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19. What do you make out of the expression that the Pokhran – II tests
are enough to maintain our deterrence for the next 25 years or so?
1)It will make our enemy cautions enough to attack us in the coming years.
2)We can confront our enemies with its help in the near future.
3)We will have a greater say in the international context by going nuclear.
4)It is enough to maintain our superiority in the region for the next
two and a half decades or so.
5)None of these
20.Our government feels that if we sign the CTBT now, then America
will certainly 1stand in the way of India to get a permanent seat in
the United Nations Security Council.
1)back India in getting a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council.
2)have no power to obstruct India 's chance in getting a permanent
seat in the United Nations Security Council.
3)feel pressurized to not allow India acquire a permanent seat in the
United Nations Security Council.
4)None of these
21.The passage mainly presents the answer to which of the following questions?
1)What are the benefits of signing the CTBT?
2)What are the advantages of our Pokhran – II tests?
3)Why should we oblige the US ?
4)Where do we stand in the world today?
5)None of these
22.Give the synonym of the word expertise as given in bold in the passage.
23.Give the antonym of the word favourble as given in bold in the passage.
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Directions (24-25): In each of the number series given in these
questions, the two terms have been put within brackets. Mark your
answer as :
(1) If the first bracketed term is right and second is wrong.
(2) If both the bracketed terms are right.
(3) If the first bracketed term is wrong and the second is right.
(4) If both the bracketed terms are wrong.
24. 4, 6, 10, (12), 16, (14), 22
25. 3, 10, 29, (66), (127), 218
ANSWERS : 1.(2) 2.(1) 3.(2) 4.(2) 5.(4) 6.(2) 7.(2)
8.(2) 9. (1) 10. (2) 11. (2) 12. (1) 13. (4) 14. (2) 15.
16. (1) 17. (3) 18. (1) 19. (1) 20. (2) 21. (1) 22. (4)
23. (5) 24. (1) 25. (2)

CTS Latest Fresher Job Placement Paper

CTS Latest Fresher Job Placement Paper: 26 November 2011


Company Name : CTS

Type : Fresher

Job Interview Paper: It is the off-campus drive conducted for 2011
pass outs at CMR Engineering College at hyderabad. All the candidates
are divided according to the batches and i had took written at 8AM.

It Consists of Two Sections:

Analytical is easy and can be done easy by practicing RSagarwal but
verbal is pretty tough so u need to do hard work on verbal. The
pattern goes like this........

Directions for Question 1: Given below are four figures, of which
three are similar and the fourth one is different. Find the odd
A) /
B) ~
C) //
D) ///

Directions for Question 2 & 3: Each question has two statements and
some conclusions. Choose the conclusion that logically follows:

2) Some men are weird. Some weird are students.
A) All men are weird
B) Some men are weird
C) Some men 'who are weird are students
D) None ofthe options

3) People who know Sanskrit also know Malayalam. People who don't know
Malayalam know Kannada.
A) People who don't know Sanskrit and Malayalam, know Kannada
B) People who don't know Malayalam or Sanskrit, Know Kannada
C) Both A and B
D) None of the options

Directions for Questions 4 & 5: Assuming the statement given in each
Question to be true, choose the inference as one of the following:
(A). True
(B). False
(C) Uncertain
(D) None of the options

4) Statement: All others, apart from Persian men are not intelligent.
Inference: All Persians are intelligent.
A) A
B) B
C) C

5) Statement: All that glitters is not gold.
Inference: Some things which glitter are not gold.
A) A
B) B
C) C

Directions for Questions 6 & 7: Which of the given options logically
follows the given statement?

6) None of the people from America have knowledge about Indian Villages.
a) Alberto has knowledge about Indian Villages.
b) Alberto doesn't have knowledge about Indian Villages.
c) Alberto is not an American
d) Alberto is an American
A) ad and cb
B) ca and bd
C) ac and db
D) None of the options

7) I am at my paying guest accommodation if I am not in the office.
a) I am at my paying guest accommodation.
b) I am at my office.
c) I am not at paying guest accommodation.
d) I am not at my office.
A) cb
B) ad
C) cd
D) None of the options

Directions for Questions 8 & 9: In the following questions, mark
1) if statement I alone can help determine the conclusion
2) if statement II alone can help determine the conclusion
3) if statement I and II taken together can help determine the conclusion
4) if none of the statements, taken together or separately. Can help
determine the conclusion

8) Conclusion: An identity card needs to be provided for a Person to
open an account in HDFC bank.

Statement I: Every bank has certain formalities that must be completed
in order to open an account in the bank.
Statement II: Josh was unable to open an account in HDFC bank because
he did notproduce an identity card.
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

9) Conclusions: Matt leaves office everyday only when he finishes his work.
Statement I: Matt has finished his work.
Statement II: Matt left for the day soon after he finished his work.
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

Directions for Questions 10 & 13: Read the following information and
answer the questions that follow:

Brad Pitt owns four companies, namely Mysoft, Cybervision, Twilight
Electricals and Synomach. The following data was obtained for the year
The sales of Mysoft is 4 crores less than the sales of Synomach.
The expense of Cybervision is equal to the profit of Twilight
Electricals and is equal to 7 crores.
Synomach incurred an expense of Rs.14 crores.
The expense of Twilight Electricals is 5 crores more than the profit
of Synomach.
Mysoft sales is 2 crores more than its expense.
The profit of Cybervlsion is 1 crore less than that of Twilight Electricals.
The expense of Synomach is 1 crore more than the sales of Mysoft.
The expense of Synomach is 3 crores less than its sales.
Note: sales. expenses=profit
10) What is the total profit earned by all the four companies during
the year 2004·05?
A) Rs.15 crores
B) Rs.18 crores
C) Rs.17 crores
D) Rs.20 crores

New Concept Bridge in Wuxi Xidong Park at China

New Concept Bridge in Wuxi Xidong Park at China
L and A Design Group has designed a new bridge design as an architectural highlight of Wuxi Xidong Park, in Jiangsu province, China. The bridge is planned to be the main connection between the north and south foreshores of the parks lake and allows visitors access to a small island with the views over the water as well as caf├ęteria and gardens.

Refer the below link for more insight: