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Movie News Leaked Photo: Aamir Khan on the set of Dhoom 3

Here is the first look photo of Aamir Khan on the set of 'Dhoom 3'

Leaked Photo: Aamir Khan on the set of Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3: Back in Action is an upcoming action thriller Hindi film, written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra. The film is third installment in the popular Dhoom series. Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra will reprise their original roles, while Aamir Khan will play the negative role and Katrina Kaif will play heroine. Jackie Shroff will also feature in a cameo appearance in the film.

Movie News :Kollywood Star Hero Surya and SS Rajamouli will be teaming up for a Tamil-Telugu bilingual

Tollywood Number one director SS Rajamouli who got success with his
latest bilingual movie Eega (Naan Ee in Tamil) is becoming most wanted
director in Kollywood as well.

As per the latest buzz Kollywood Star Hero Surya and SS Rajamouli will
be teaming up for a Tamil-Telugu bilingual to be produced by Telugu
producer DVV Dhanayya. Buzz also adds that the producer is in talks
with director and Surya. It is said that Dhanayya is expressing his
interest to make a film with SS Rajamouli and Surya. As per the
buzz,Surya will meet the producer post 'Maatraan' audio launch. An
official announcement on this news is awaited.

It is known that director Rajamouli has already signed a film with DVV
Dhanayya. However, the cast and crew of this film is not yet
finalized. The buzz says that if every thing goes fine, this would be
the film with Surya. This new film will go on sets once Rajamouli
finishes a movie with Prabhas.


Aircel Most Competitive 3G Data Packs

3 years ago India's leading operator Aircel introduced Pocket Internet packs which changed way of consumption of data over 2G networks. It truly democratized data for the consumer, and mobile internet turned into a trend. 

Now Aircel is going to re-create the Magic on 3G segment by launching Pocket Internet Smart. With Aircel's new offering of Pocket Internet Smart has Aircel is ready to revolutionize the landscape of mobile internet unlocking the true potential of 3G, which would be great for both for the consumer and the business.

Aircel revised these 3G plans to clear all confusions in choosing plans. Now all 3G Pocket Internet plans will work on all 3G locations and devices. This is the  first time when you can get 3G and unlimited 2G data on a single recharge

Aircel's new 3G plans are unlimited (with FUP), very much affordable just like 2G data packs, starting from Rs. 7 for 1 day. There is no extra charge or hidden cost – freedom from any bill shock. New 3G plans are tailored for everyone's need, validity of the packs start from 1 day. Even if you are only 2G data user, you may find these new packs better than 2G data packs.

Details of Aircel 3G Data Packs:

Price 3G Usage Valid for Post 3G usage
Plans for Mobile Only  Rs. 7 50 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 1 day Unlimited at 128kbps#
 Rs. 16 100 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 3 days
 Rs. 39 200 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 7 days
 Rs. 67 250 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 15 days
 Rs. 128 500 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days
Plans for Mobile + Dongle  Rs. 198 1 GB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days
 Rs. 399 2 GB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days
 Rs. 697 5 GB @ 7.2 Mbps 30 days
 Rs. 997 10 GB @ 7.2 Mbps 30 days

# Aircel will intimate its customers via SMS once they consume 100% of high speed data quota within bill cycle.

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GATE 2013 Notification :GATE 2013 Important Dates

GATE 2013 Important Dates

GATE online applicant interface (website) opens: 01st September, 2012, Saturday
Last date for submission of online application (website closure): 30th
September, 2012, Sunday, 23.00 hours
Last date for the receipt of printed version of online application at
the respective zonal GATE office: 08th October, 2012, Monday
Last date for request of change of city: 20th November, 2012, Tuesday
Availability of admit card on online application interface: 05th
December, 2012, Wednesday
GATE-2013 online examination for papers (AR, CE, GG, MA, MT, PH and
TF): 20th January, 2013, Sunday, 09.00 hours to 12.00 hours
GATE-2013 online examination papers (AE, AG, BT, CH, CY, MN, XE and
XL): 20th January, 2013, Sunday, 14.00 hours to 17.00 hours
GATE-2013 offline examination papers (CS, ME and PI): 10th February,
2013, Sunday, 09.00 hours to 12.00 hours
GATE-2013 offline examination papers (EC, EE and IN): 10th February,
2013, Sunday, 14.00 hours to 17.00 hours
Announcement of GATE 2013 results on online applicant interface: 15th
March, 2013, Friday, 10.00 hours

Admit Card: Admit cards are not sent by mail anymore
Admit cards can only be downloaded from the zonal GATE websites from
05th December, 2012 onwards
Bring the admit card to the test center along with at least one
original (not photocopied/scanned copy) and valid (not expired) photo

The examination for the papers with codes AE, AG, AR, GG, MN and TF
will be carried out ONLINE using computers where the candidates will
be required to enter the answer for each question using mouse. For all
other papers, the candidates will have to mark the correct choice on
an Optical Response Sheet (ORS) by darkening the appropriate bubble
against each question.
In the ONLINE papers, the question paper will consist of questions of
multiple choice type and numerical answer type. For multiple choice
type questions, each question will have four choices for the answer.
For numerical answer type questions, each question will have a number
as the answer and choices will not be given.
GATE 2013 would contain questions of four different types in various papers:
Multiple choice questions carrying 1 or 2 marks each.
Common data questions, where two successive questions use the same set
of input data.
Linked answer questions, where the answer to the first question of the
pair is required in order to answer its successor.
Numerical answer questions, where the answer is a number, to be
entered by the candidate.
Examples of such questions can be found in Question Types.
In all the papers, there will be a total of 65 questions carrying 100
marks, out of which 10 questions carrying 15 marks in General Aptitude
(GA) are compulsory.
In the papers bearing the codes AE, AG, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, GG,
IN, ME, MN, MT, PI, TF and XE, the Engineering Mathematics will carry
15 % of the total marks, the General Aptitude section will carry 15 %
of the total marks and the remaining 70 % of the total marks is
devoted to the subject of the paper.
In the papers bearing the codes AR, CY, GG, MA, PH and XL, the General
Aptitude section will carry 15 % of the total marks and the remaining
85 % of the total marks is devoted to the subject of the paper.


Ph.D Programme Admission-2012:Anna University, Chennai

Educational Qualifications
Educational Qualifications:-
Ph.D degree in Engineering/Technology: M.E./M.Tech/M.S. (by research)
in the relevant branch of Engineering or Technology

Ph.D degree in Science and Humanities: M.Sc/M.A. (English)/M.S. (by
research) in the relevant branch of Science and Humanities/MCA

Ph.D degree in Management Sciences: MBA/Post Graduate Diploma in
Business Management or Administration awarded by Indian Institute of
Managements (IIMs)/M.S. (by research) in Management Sciences

Ph.D degree in Architecture and Planning: M.Arch/M.Plan/M.S. (by
research) in Architecture and Planning

Selection Procedure: Selection to the research programme (Part
Time/Full Time) will be based on the performance in the written test
cum interview

Candidates who have been awarded INSPIRE Fellowship of DST, Rajiv
Gandhi and Maulana Azad Fellowships of UGC or similar Fellowships
awarded by statutory bodies of Govt of India are exempted from written
test and they have to appear for the interview only for admission to
Ph.D programme

Registration Fee: Duly filled in application shall accompany with
registration fee of Rs 600/- for general category and Rs 300/- for
Tamil Nadu SC/ST candidates in the form of a demand draft obtained
from any Nationalized Bank drawn in favour of the Director (Research),
Anna University payable at Chennai drawn on or after 06th August, 2012

Important Dates

Downloading of application from the website: 06th August, 2012 onwards

Last date for submission of completed application: 25th August, 2012

for complete details visit
or Website www.annauniv.edu/

All about Common Proficiency Test (CA CPT) scrapped by ICAI

Common Proficiency Test (CA CPT) scrapped by ICAI

The The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has
scrapped the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) and reverted to its old
scheme of allowing graduates and post-graduates join the CA course
without appearing for the entrance test.This change has been effected
from August 1 as reported by the Hindu Businessline

For complete details please click here


Edu News :APPSC Assistant Engineers Syllabus (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical)

APPSC Assistant Engineers Syllabus (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical)

● General Science
● Current Events of National and International Importance.
● History of India and Indian National Movement. India and World Geography.
● General Mental Ability.

Questions on General Science will cover General appreciation and understanding of science including matters of every day observation and experience, as may be expected of a well educated person who has not made a special study of any particular scientific discipline. In current events, knowledge of significant national and international events will be tested. In History of India, emphasis will be on broad general understanding of the subject in its social, economic and political aspects. Questions on Indian National Movement will relate to the nature and character of the nineteenth century resurgence, growth of Nationalism and attainment of independence. In geography emphasis will be on geography of India. Questions on geography of India will relate to physical, social and economic geography of the country, including the main features of the Indian agricultural and natural resources. On general mental ability, the candidates will be tested on reasoning and analytical abilities.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT (Source : CBSE Publications)
1. Concepts in disaster management and vulnerability profile of India / State of A.P.
2. Earth quakes / Cyclones / Tsunami / Floods / Drought – causes and effects.
3. Man made disasters - Prevention strategies.
4. Mitigation strategies / Mitigation measures.
Forces: Different types of forces, gravitational, frictional, axial, tensile or compressive. Law of Parallelogram and triangle of forces, polygon of forces, problems.

Friction: Statical friction, limiting friction, simple problems.
Centre of gravity and moment of inertia. Simple plane figures.
Simple machines, law of machine, Mechanical advantage, velocity ratio and efficiency, wheel and axle, pulleys and simple screw jack-problems

Simple Stresses and strailns: Different types of stresses and strains, stress-strain diagram for ductile materials. Factor of safety, ultimate strength and working strength, elastic constants, poisson ratio. Deformations, volume changes. Relations between elastic constants. Hooke's Law. Compound rods, temperature stresses, strain energy, proof resiliance, impact loading.

Riveted and welded joints, different modes of failures, efficiency of joints, thin cylindrical shells, longitudinal and circumferential stresses and volume changes.

Shear force and bending moment diagrams for simply supported, over hanging and cantilever beams. Relation between intensity of loading, shear force and bending moment. Economical length of overhanging beams.

Theory of simple bending: Assumptions, basic flexure formula, bending stresses, modulus of section, moment of resistance. Circular bending. Distribution of shear stress in common structural sections.

Deflection in cantilever and simply supported beams under simple loading-propped cantilever beams subjected to simple loading, determination of reaction. SF and BM diagrams.

Torsion: Assumptions, basic formula of torsion, power transmission by shafts of uniform circular sections close-coiled springs, strain-energy in simple beams and shafts, sudden and impact loading. Principal stresses and principal planes. Moher's circle of stress.

Thin cylinders under internal pressure stresses and volume changes.

Columns and struts: Direct and bending stresses, core of section. Short and long columns under axial loading-various end-conditions. Euler and Rankine formulae, Slenderness ratio, simple built-up columns.

Simple plane and pin-jointed trusses: Stresses by method of joints and method of sections.

Scope of hydraulics in Engineering. Definition and properties of fluid.

Fluid pressure and its measurement: Atmospheric pressure, Gauge pressure and absolute pressure. Piezometer, Manometer-U-tube, Inverted U-tube, and differential manometers. 

Pressure on plane surface immersed in liquid-Horizontal, vertical and inclined plane surface.

Flow of fluids: Type of flow-uniform flow, non-uniform flow, streamline flow, Turbulant flow, steady flow and unsteady flow, Energies in fluid motion-Datum head, pressure head and velocity head. Total energy of fluid in motion - Bernoulli's theorem. Practical application of Bernoulli's theorem - pitot tube venturimeter - Orificemeter - problems.

Flow through orifices and Mouth Pieces: Definition of orifice, types of orifices, Vena contracta, coefficient of velocity, coefficient of contraction, coefficient of discharge. Submerged and partially submerged orifices. Flow through orifices under variable heads - Time of emptying a rectangular tank through orifices. Mouth pieces - different types of problems.

Notches and Weirs: Definition of notch, types of notches - Rectangular notch, Tringular notch and trapezoidal notch. Discharge over a rectangular, triangular and a trapezoidal notches.

Flow through pipes: Major and minor losses - Loss of head at entrance, loss of head due to sudden enlargement, due to sudden contraction, loss of head at exit of the pipe. Frictional loss in pipe-Chezy formula and Daycy's formula.

Hydraulic gradient and total energy line. Discharge through parallel pipes and branched pipes connected to a reservoir. Flow through syphon pipe.

Hydraulic transmission of power-flow through nozzle at the end of a pipe line-diameter of nozzle for Max H.P. available. Water hammer and its effect. Laminar and turbulent flow in pipes-Critical velocity and Reynold number.

Measurements: Measurement of velocity - Current meter surface floats and weighted rods. Determination of discharge from velocity readings.

Impact of jets: Formulae for the force of jet on a fixed vertical flat plate, fixed inclined flat plates, moving flat plates, series of flat plates fixed on the rim of a wheel. Force of jet striking at the centre and at the top of a fixed curved blade and moving curved blade, velocity triangles. Work done, power and efficiency in the above cases. Simple problems. Water turbines: Introduction to water turbines. Use of water turbines in Hydroelectric power stations line sketch showing layout of hydro-electric power plant with head race, dam, sluice gate, pen stock turbine, generator and tail race. Classification of turbines - impulse and reaction turbines brief subclassification of axial, radial and tangential flow type. Pelton wheel, Francis turbine and Kaplan turbine, Governing of waster turbines. Simple problems on power and efficiency. 

Centrifugal pump: Installation, mountings and other accessories. Priming of centrifugal pump. Efficiency, cavitation. Simple problems on work, power and efficiency.
Ohms's law and DC circuits. Power & Energy, Kirchoff's laws, Thevinin's theorem, Norton's theorem, Superposition theorem, Star & Delta transformations, Faraday's laws, Fleming's left hand & right rules. Inductive and capacitive circuits with DC supply

Single phase AC circuits, R, L and C series and parallel circuits, phasor diagrams, Resonance, Three-phase balanced ac circuits, Star & Delta connections, Three phase power by two wattmeter method.

DC Generators, Principle of operation and construction, Lap & Wave windings, Armature reaction, Commutation, Shunt, Series and Compound generators, Characteristics, DC Motors, Characteristics and applications, Starters, Speed control, Losses in DC machines 

Transformers, Principle of operation, Three-phase transformers, Equivalent circuit, Losses and efficiency, OC and SC tests, Parallel operation, Scott connection

Single-phase Induction Motors, Construction and features, Three-phase induction motors, Rotating magnetic field, Equivalent circuit, Star-delta and Auto-transformer starters, Speed control

Alternators, Construction, Concentrated & distributed windings, E.M.F equation, Regulation, OC & SC tests, Synchronous impedance method, Synchronous motor, V and Inverted V curves, Applications

Moving coil and Moving Iron types of Ammeters and Voltmeters, Dynamometer type Wattmeter, Induction type Energy meter, Megger, Transducers – Thermocouple and Strain gauge, Ramp type digital meters

`P' and `N' type materials, PN Junction, forward and reverse bias- Zener diode, Zener diode characteristics - formation of PNP and NPN transistors- Transistor configurations- CB, CE - Input and output characteristics of CB,CE - comparison of CB,CE, configurations. SCR and Triac, V-I characteristics, Rectifiers, 1-phase & 3-phase Full converter & Semi-converter rectifiers, Choppers, Cyclo-converters, Bridge type Inverters

Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear Power stations, Load curve, load factor, maximum demand, Circuit breaker, MOCB, Over current relay, Impedance relay, Distance relay, Earth fault relay

AC & DC Transmission, Choice of frequency & voltage, Effect of voltage and % Regulation-Short line calculation of-Efficiency-Regulation-Sending end voltage-sending end p.f. for the given receiving end conditions - Medium transmission lines, Regulation-Sending end voltage-sending end p.f. for the given receiving end conditions in using Nominal pie method-Nominal T method -Vector diagrams in the above methods-Charging current in lines-Ferranti's effect - Carona in transmission lines

Primary and secondary distribution, Feeders, distribution and service mains, Classification of Distribution systems, Radial and Ring system of Distribution, A.C. Distribution - single phase, Steps in voltage drop calculation.

Electric braking, plugging of D.C.Motors and induction motor, Rheostatic braking of D.C.Motors, Regenerative braking of D.C.motors and Induction motors. Laws of illumination, Sodium vapour lamp, Mercury vapour lamp, Halogen lamp, Residential & factory lighting.Temperature control of resistance furnaces - Electric arc furnaces - direct and indirect types - Induction heating- core type and coreless type - Applications - Dielectric heating - principle and applications. Trapezoidal speed - time curve, Different types of train services, urban and sub-urban- factors affecting scheduled speed – Tractive effort -Coefficient of adhesion - factors affecting the coefficient of adhesion - Specific energy consumption

Binary, Octal. Hexadecimal numbering systems - Logic gates :AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, Exclusive-OR. Boolean algebra. Demorgan's Theorems. Implementation of arithmetic circuits, Half adder, Full adder, Serial and parallel Binary adder. Parallel adder, decoder, encoder, Principle of flip-flop operation, RS, RST, JK, JK Master slave, T, D flip-flops.

Emplyment News:ONGC Graduate Trainee (GT) Recruitment 2012 Apply Online

ONGC Graduate Trainee (GT) Recruitment 2012 Apply Online

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation invites online application for 889 Posts Graduate Trainee (GT) Recruitment 2012 on it’s official main portal site www.ongcindia.com.


Total Number of Posts : 889


Post Name : Graduate Trainees-Apply online

1. Geology : 50 Posts

2. Geo Physics (Surface) : 30 Posts

3. Geo Physics (Wells) : 24 Posts

4. Chemistry : 60 Posts

5. Reservoir : 47 Posts

6. Programming : 21 Posts

7. Production : 220 Posts

8. Drilling : 110 Posts

9. Cementing : 20 Posts

10. Mechanical : 60 Posts

11. Electrical : 40 Posts

12. E & T : 45 Posts

13. Instrumentation : 30 Posts

14. Transport :11 Posts

15. Civil : 15 Posts

16. Finance and Accounts : 34 Posts

17. HR : 25 Posts

18. MM : 31 Posts

19. Medical : 7 Posts

20. Security : 9 Post


Education Qualifications : Candidates must have First class(60% marks) Graduation degree in Engineering/BE/B.Tech/MBBS/MBA/ICWA as per the relevant job. For further post wise eligibility criteria please refer the ONGC Notification 2012.

Pay scale: ONGC Graduate Trainee Salary, pay scale range is 24,900-50, 500 rupees

Age Limit: Candidates must have below 30 years as on 26-08-2012 for General category

5 years upper age relaxation for SC/ST Candidates

3 years relaxation in upper age for OBC Candodates

10 years for PWD Candidates for all positions, except drilling and cementing.


Selection Process :

ONGC GT Selection Process is based on Performance in Written exam/psychometric test and interview. The ONGC Syllabus for Graduate trainee has 3 sections, namely general awareness, specialization subject and aptitude test. Candidates must prepare as per the syllabus and download the some ONGC Graduate trainee previous year question papers ,model question papers and sample papers to get the maximum idea on the written exam.


How to Apply :

Now this is the time to Apply online for ONGC Graduate trainee jobs, for than you must have valid e-mail id and mobile number. ONGC Online registration form available at http://www.eonlineapply.com/ongc/Pages/index.htm, just accept the terms and conditions after reading the instructions. Fill the online application form and finally submit.

ONGC Online Registration 2012 for Graduate Trainee Recruitment



Important Dates :

Online Registration start Date : 04.08.2012

Last date for online registration/Online Application form: 26.08.2012

ONGC Admit card download option will available from : 25.09.2012

All India Written Test : 07.10.2012

Download : ONGC Graduate Trainee(GT) Recruitment 2012 Notification/Advertisement in Pdf



Hall Ticket download for GROUP-IV SERVICES, GENERAL RECRUITMENT APPSC at www.apspsc.gov.in/


Date Of Exam : 11-AUGUST-2012 (F.N & A.N)


UPSC NDA NA admit card 2012 downloan links

download UPSC NDA NA admit card 2012.


UPSC e-Admit Card for National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination II 2012:




you will be experienced this type of page.



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