Aircel Most Competitive 3G Data Packs

3 years ago India's leading operator Aircel introduced Pocket Internet packs which changed way of consumption of data over 2G networks. It truly democratized data for the consumer, and mobile internet turned into a trend. 

Now Aircel is going to re-create the Magic on 3G segment by launching Pocket Internet Smart. With Aircel's new offering of Pocket Internet Smart has Aircel is ready to revolutionize the landscape of mobile internet unlocking the true potential of 3G, which would be great for both for the consumer and the business.

Aircel revised these 3G plans to clear all confusions in choosing plans. Now all 3G Pocket Internet plans will work on all 3G locations and devices. This is the  first time when you can get 3G and unlimited 2G data on a single recharge

Aircel's new 3G plans are unlimited (with FUP), very much affordable just like 2G data packs, starting from Rs. 7 for 1 day. There is no extra charge or hidden cost – freedom from any bill shock. New 3G plans are tailored for everyone's need, validity of the packs start from 1 day. Even if you are only 2G data user, you may find these new packs better than 2G data packs.

Details of Aircel 3G Data Packs:

Price 3G Usage Valid for Post 3G usage
Plans for Mobile Only  Rs. 7 50 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 1 day Unlimited at 128kbps#
 Rs. 16 100 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 3 days
 Rs. 39 200 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 7 days
 Rs. 67 250 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 15 days
 Rs. 128 500 MB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days
Plans for Mobile + Dongle  Rs. 198 1 GB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days
 Rs. 399 2 GB @ 3.6 Mbps 30 days
 Rs. 697 5 GB @ 7.2 Mbps 30 days
 Rs. 997 10 GB @ 7.2 Mbps 30 days

# Aircel will intimate its customers via SMS once they consume 100% of high speed data quota within bill cycle.

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