Patni Placement Paper(Sample)

Patni Placement Paper(Sample)

  1.  square root of(PQ)=8 then 4 options 
    Ans:p+q =1: is not possible 

  2. equilateral triangle of side 10 units. cow is teethered with a rope of length 7 units at one of the vertex. Find the area of the field grazed. ans-77/3

  3. Series till 50 terms: 2+3-5 +2+3-5+.... ans:5 

  4. when x is diveded by 299 remainder is 100. then when x is divided by 23 remainder is ? ans:8 

  5.  there r 2 groups A and B. A boy goes from gp A to gp B. When he goes the ave wt of both the gps A and B increases. Then? ans:ave wt of gp A>wt of boy is>ave wt of gp B 

  6. (7^2)^3 and 7^2^3. What is the relation between the 2 . ie >,<,= ans- (7^2)^3<7^2^3. 

  7. Train speed 36kph. Dist travelled in 3minutes in meters ans-1800m

  8. with the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6 make all 6 digit nos which r not divisible by 5. The no of such 6 digit nos is ans:600

  9.  x 2.5 3.5 1.5 
    y25 49 9 then what is the relation between x and y 
    ans:y is directly proportional to (2x)^2

  10. 18kg of fresh grapes have 90% water. dry grapes have 20% water. then the weight of the dry grapes is ans:2.25kg

  11. population is 20000. Pop increases by 10% every year, then the pop after 3 years is? ans-26620

  12. Dist bet 2 places A and B is given. A man P starts from place A at 9 pm and another man Q goes from B at 10pm . Speed of Q is double of that of P. Both cover 1/4 dist in the same time interval. then A travels the entire dist in time ? ans:8hrs 

  13. Entry fee is Re1. There r 3 rides each is of Re1. Total boys entering is 3000. Total income is Rs 7200. 800 students do all the 3 rides. 1400 go for atleast 2 rides. None go the same ride twice. Then no of students who do not go any ride is 
    ans:1400 (check-1000)

  14. 1,23,45,67... ans:-89

  15.  m is div by 5, n is div by 5 ,m-n is div by 5 m*n is div by 25 
    ans:then m+n is not div by 10 

  16. Cube of side 5 cms is fully painted in alll the 6 sides. it is then cut into cubes each of side 1 cms. then prob that 2 sides r 
    painted is ans:36/125 

  17. A is 25% bigger than B B is 20% less than C  then the relation bet A, B, C ans 5:4:5

  18. A cone and a sphere have the same radius. and in the cone we put the sphere then how much of sphere will be inside the cone 
    a)1/2 b)>1/2 c)<1/2 ans d)1/4 

  19.  there r 5 papers Ratio of marks obtained in each subject is 6:7:8:9:10. Total marks obtained is 60%. 50% is pass marks. In how many subjects did he get above 50%. ans:4 

  20. which one is not correct a)cube rootof 343. 
    b)3.24 is not an integer Ans:none of these 

  21. A and B r 2 men who enter into business and they invest Rs 1000, Rs 2000resp. How will they divide the income of Rs 5000 .ans 5000/3 & 5000(2/3)

  22. 9C2 + 9C3 +10C4=? ans 11c4 

  23. 10^23-7 is divided by 6, remainder is? ans-3

  24.  if x+y+z =1. then xy+yz+zx is 
    a)<1/2 ans b)>1/2 c)=1/2 

  25. .nos from 1 to 100. 
    a)find all the nos which r divisble by 3,9,27 --33
    b)at least 2 --11
    c) only 2 --8
    d) none --67

  26.  3 balls inside a bag having nos on it written 1 , 2, 3 on it. a ball is taken and then put inside it. Find probability that all 
    3 nos r the same when it is taken 3 times ans-1/27

  27. 15c6+15c7+16c8=== 17cx ans- x== 8 or 9. 

  28. three men invested sum. and their ratio is 5:7:6. profit is 5400.then b's share ans--2100

  29. sum of all 5 digit nos formed using 1,3,5,7,9. ans---6666600 (11111+33333+55555+77777+99999)*24. each digit occupies all the places for 24 times.

  30. x and y even nos. x>y which is even. a)x+y b)x-y c) 2x/y (not)

  31. 1/2 divived by 1/2 of 1/2 ) whole divided by 1/2 +1/2 of 1/2
    ans----- 2 2/3. or 8/3.

  32. trees of heights 30 and 40 sepatated by a river. fish in  the river is at equal dis from top of the trees where two birds r
    there.ratio of the distances from fish to the root of the tress 

  33. three cones (r=r,l=2r)are arranged upright so that each cone is in contact with other two .and a circle is formed passing
    through its vertices. what will be its radius. ans 2r/sqrt(3)

  34. What number must be added to 1/x to make it equal to x. Ans. (x2-1)x

  35. Some pen bought something at loss for Rs 60.He then sold it the price of 81 and his profit was 20% of the loss.At what price did he buy the object. Ans. calculate. ans-77.50

  36. one disk of 20cm radius, out of that 4 disk of 5cm are cut , find diffrence of leftout and cut out area:ans-200pi

  37. (X)+(1/x)=3 then (xsquare) + 1/(xsquare) = ??ANS-7

  38. a box contain 4 small bos, each small box again contain 3 box,again these box contain 2 box . total how many boxes ANS-1+4+12+24=41

  39.  between 100 to 200 how many no are divisible by both 3 and 2 and 100,200 are inclusive? ans-68

  40.  How many two digit no you make by 1,2,3,4,0 Ans=16 because 0 is not in the 10th place.

  41.  (25...) 32 and (25....)31 in both cases 6 in the last position. What should be in the blanks? Ans 6 

  42. In a GD there is no restriction in saying something between the participants. A, B, C, D, E be the participant. What's is probability to say B before A. i) 20%, ii) 40%, iii) 50%, iv) none of these. Ans. 50%.

  43. You have only 1 kg weight. You have to weight 31kg. Min number of measurements you have to done. Ans. 5 as 1+2+4+8+16=31.

  44. Min (a, b, c)=min of a, b, c Max (a, b, c,)=max of a, b, c then what is the value of MAX {min (2,5,7), max (-7, -2, -3), 3}. ans-3

  45. The product of two consecutive odd no is -1, then what is the value of the sum of them. Ans. 0 as -1*1 becomes -1.

  46. Few years ago on 31st January on her 26th birthday a lady laid a baby. Now what's the sum of their ages? i) 37, ii) 38, iii) 43, iv) 51. I am confused about the answer. It may be any even no. as (26+x)+x. So I think it are 38.

  47. 81*82*83*84*85*86*87*89. What should be in the unit place in this product?
    Ans. It must be 0 as 5*2=10

  48.  In a company ones salary increases 6/5 times in every year. After 4 year of joining average salary is 1342. Then what's the starting salary of the company? A) 900, b) 1000, c) 1100, d) 1200. Ans.= 1000

  49.  Perimeter of an equilateral and isosceles is 45 and 40 respectively. At least one of the sides of isosceles is equal to the equilateral. What's the base of isosceles triangle? Ans. 10. As. 45/3=15. 15+15+10=40.

  50. Two people P Q start a race in a circular track in opposite way different but constant speed. First they meet 900m cw from the starting pt. Then they meet 800m ccw from the starting pt. What's the circumference of the circle.

RDBMS Interview questions

RDBMS Concepts 
1. What is database? 
A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of real world and which is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose. 
2. What is DBMS? 
It is a collection of programs that enables user to create and maintain a database. In other words it is general-purpose software that provides the users with the processes of defining, constructing and manipulating the database for various applications. 
3. What is a Database system? 
The database and DBMS software together is called as Database system. 
4. Advantages of DBMS? 
Redundancy is controlled. 
? Unauthorised access is restricted.
? Providing multiple user interfaces. 
? Enforcing integrity constraints. 
Providing backup and recovery. 
5. Disadvantage in File Processing System? 
Data redundancy & inconsistency. 
? Difficult in accessing data. 
? Data isolation. 
? Data integrity. 
? Concurrent access is not possible.  
? Security Problems. 
6. Describe the three levels of data abstraction? 
The are three levels of abstraction: 
? Physical level: The lowest level of abstraction describes how data are stored. 
? Logical level: The next higher level of abstraction, describes what data are stored in database and what relationship among those data.  
? View level: The highest level of abstraction describes only part of entire database.

7. Define the "integrity rules" 
There are two Integrity rules. 
? Entity Integrity: States that "Primary key cannot have NULL value" 
? Referential Integrity: States that "Foreign Key can be either a NULL value or should be Primary Key value of other relation. 
8. What is extension and intension? 
Extension -  
It is the number of tuples present in a table at any instance. This is time dependent. 
Intension -  
It is a constant value that gives the name, structure of table and the constraints laid on it. 
9. What is System R? What are its two major subsystems? 
System R was designed and developed over a period of 1974-79 at IBM San Jose Research Center. It is a prototype and its purpose was to demonstrate that it is possible to build a Relational System that can be used in a real life environment to solve real life problems, with performance at least comparable to that of existing system.  
Its two subsystems are  
? Research Storage  
? System Relational Data System. 
10. How is the data structure of System R different from the relational structure?  
Unlike Relational systems in System R  
? Domains are not supported 
? Enforcement of candidate key uniqueness is optional 
? Enforcement of entity integrity is optional 
? Referential integrity is not enforced 
11. What is Data Independence? 
Data independence means that "the application is independent of the storage structure and access strategy of data". In other words, The ability to modify the schema definition in one level should not affect the schema definition in the next higher level. 
Two types of Data Independence: 
Physical Data Independence: Modification in physical level should not affect the logical level.  
? Logical Data Independence: Modification in logical level should affect the view level.  
NOTE: Logical Data Independence is more difficult to achieve 
12. What is a view? How it is related to data independence? 
A view may be thought of as a virtual table, that is, a table that does not really exist in its own right but is instead derived from one or more underlying base table. In other words, there is no stored file that direct represents the view instead a definition of view is stored in data dictionary. 
Growth and restructuring of base tables is not reflected in views. Thus the view can insulate users from the effects of restructuring and growth in the database. Hence accounts for logical data independence. 
13. What is Data Model? 
A collection of conceptual tools for describing data, data relationships data semantics and constraints.

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Interview questions.

Every Organisation needs smart and hardworking people among all the others persons. I have confident that i am one of the person in those who are having good ideas and willing to work harder. this makes u hire me.

I will always give my best whatever the job i am working on. You can expect 100% effort from my side. 

Yes sir, i have successfully completed 3 rounds so far, from this i am clear that i have all the qualities that your company looks for. moreover i have a very good communication skills, programming skills

So let me first say my strength i am quick learner, dedicated person and young man with lot of dreams. And most importantly i never hate reading new things, so i think this will fit me for any company

I think my profile suits the job requirements,and I also i do give my best to the concern

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strength is hard work, think positively, confidence. Weakness is my lazyness, feeling shy, emotional angry.

Why do you want to work at our company?

Because our company is one of the top most company

Because our company is most famous leading in all over world so that's why I choose this company and also help to develop my communication skills.

What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

In my point of you confidence is a first step in our life. 
"I can do"is a confidence. 
"No one can do better than me"is a over confidence

"I KNOW" it is confidence, 
"I ONLY KNOW" That is overconfidence

What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Hard work is too important in our life to learn everything to work on that to reach your goal 
and smart work is quality of work what is we need in work

Hard work refers the work which is done sincerely and by working hard. Smart work refers that completing the work in a short period of time effectively .

Smart work comes from Hard Work.It is the next step of Hard Work.

How do you feel about working nights and weekends?

Depends on the need of project that will be always ok.

Can you work under pressure?

ya i can but i don't like to get that type of situation in work

No, because under pressure some times we done so many mistakes... so normally we can do easy and finish my work...

yes, but not regularly it makes mind always tension in all ways & to make wrong desisons too.

What are your goals?

I want a good position in our society and make all of them as happy.

My final goal is to lookafter my parents, if stay in any job.

How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

I'm lookin for a long term career in u r organization

as long as the company needs my service

I want to join in MBA.

Tell me something about our company.

IBM is a fast growing company in IT & it's good for a fresher bec. they can prove thereself in this company everyone know's the name of IBM .it's big international company

How much salary do you expect?

I think that is depend on my qualification, my performance & my hard work.

As per the company norms.............

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

May be a successful business man

I am in good position in your company

On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer.

sir im not having experience to rate you,but you are correct person as an interviewer

sir i am not in such position to rate you. 
but only i can say as an interviewer you are very much friendly & having very good communication skill

Sir i'm hoping that you are interviewing so many persons so i am hoping that you are a good knowledge person so i think 10 out of 10...

Do you have any questions for me?

What is your opinion on me.?

Are You get Satisfied with my answers ?

am i the right person for the company ?