YSR death Mystery and Reliance involvement?

>Today there is big news out Break on one telugu news channel that there is a conspiracy on the Death of ysr. According to the news telecasts by the TV channel it is said that The Exiled investigative news paper published the Story that YSR is assassinated By  head of Reliance Group.

Now they say that after the news is spread over the Exile website have gone down At 7:30 IST 6th jan 2010

The news channel claims that Reliance had planned the assassination because of the Krishna Delta Gas basin Dealings.

one online news magazine says that the pilot who sat in cockpit in the last journey of YSR was Bhatia he diles along with YSR but his children are now working for Reliance. this argument i don't know how correct it is but some Greatandhra website publishes it.

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