Tech News: With the New Gmail, people will know when you open that message

In a recent development, Google just made it easier for people to know if you're opening their email messages.

The announcement made by the web giant indicated a major change to its popular Gmail service: Images embedded in emails will now be automatically displayed, saving users from clicking on a "display images" link and, Google claims, making "your messages more safe and secure."

Google's new move to start displaying email images by default in Gmail is going to majorly help marketers . So, now according to the new setup, people and companies who send you email will be able to find out when you've opened and read their messages, because loading these images requires a call back to the sender's server. That said, the sender still has to know how to manipulate their emails to take advantage of this, and that means that sophisticated corporations are far more likely to take advantage of this privacy hole than your friends and relatives.

Gmail will start serving images through its proxy servers rather than serve images directly from their external hosts. This allows Google to check the images for viruses and malware before an image is showed in Gmail. This extra step means that it is now secure enough to let Gmail users see images displayed in desktop browsers and in mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Well, in case you don't like the new change, you have the option of turning it off.


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