Tech Buzz: Forget USBs - these ‘post-it notes’ transfer files just by sticking them on to a computer

Forget USBs - these 'post-it notes' transfer files just by sticking them on to a computer
Paper-thin drives are stacked together and peeled off as and when needed
Made from graphene, the drives will be sold in sizes up to 32GB
Graphene is a strong, conductive material made from carbon atoms
Price and release date for the Datastickies drives have not been announced

The tiny, paper-thin drives called Datastickies are stacked one on top of another, like real post-it notes, and are then peeled off as and when they're needed.
The user then sticks them to the front of their computer, TV, smartphone or tablet to transfer data via a special adhesive.
Datastickies are made from graphene - a super-strong, conductive material made of a single layer of carbon atoms - and will be sold in a range of different sizes up to 32GB.
The special adhesive used to stick the devices together, and to electronic devices, is conductive.
It is a 'special low-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive' capable of being reused without leaving marks like a stick note, explained the designers.

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