Tech buzz:Automatically Publish Blog Updates on Twitter, Facebook Page and Facebook News Feed.

Automatically Publish Blog Updates on Twitter, Facebook Page and Facebook News Feed.

Twitter and Facebook are the essential platform for a website or blog to gather some traffic on them. These are need to make the engagement of people on social network who really cares about your content. When I post something on my blog and website I use to share this on my Facebook Page and Tweet it on Twitter. But this is very tangled process, first post the update on twitter, then on your Facebook page and then on your Facebook status to show your updates to your Facebook friends. That's why there is the need to automate this process.
In this post I am talking about this automation.
Now onwards when you post something on your blog or website, it will automatically posted on Facebook Page and on your Facebook status and tweets are also made automatically on Twitter.You just need to follow some simple steps:

1. Build your blog or website feeds.

  • Login to Feedburner.
  • Add your website or Bog's web address to it
  • Identify your blog's feed and you are done.

 2. Add Blog feed to Twitter

  • Login To Feedburner again and select your feedburner feed for your blog.
  • Now click on Publicize Tab.
  • Click on Socialize on Left sidebar.
  • Socialize Settings will come up and Click on Add a Twitter account button.
  • Twitter window will open, login to it using Twitter username and password.
  • Follow the steps and verify your twitter account with Feedbuner.
  • Now, when your twitter account is added to Feedburner, your blog's new updates are automatically posted on Twitter on behalf of  you.

3.  Add Blog feed for  Posting Automatically on Facebook Page.

  • Login to Facebook.
  • Search for "RSS Graffiti" App on Facebook and click on Go to App button.
  • Click on Add new Publishing plan and name it.
  • RSS Graffiti Setting will open.
  • Now, click on Add a New Source button.
  • Now in Feed setup, add Feed Title (your blog name) and Feedburner feed URL.
  • Now click on save changes and turn on the publishing plan.
  • In Target side, Choose your Facebook Page as Target and  Publish on behalf of .

4. Blog Updates on your Facebook status.

  • Again Go to RSS Graffiti app on Facebook.
  • Click on Add new publishing plan and name your new plan.
  • Follow the above steps except for target side.
  • In Target side, Choose Facebook User as Target and as Publish on Behalf of.
  • Click on save and turn on the publishing.

Now when you made a new post on your blog it will automatically published on Facebook page and news feed and on Twitter also.

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