Tech Buzz:Facebook Messenger App Updated With Instant Video Sending

The latest update (version 6.0 for iOS), brings a key feature through which Facebook Messenger users can shoot and play 15-second video messages directly from the handset's camera (by tapping and holding the record button) within the app in the form of a video chat. While the front-facing camera is triggered by default, the rear camera can also be used.

The updated Facebook Messenger app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

The Facebook Messenger update also lets users press and hold the 'Like' button and a send even a bigger thumbs up for the things they really like.

Also added to Facebook Messenger v5.0 for Android are stickers shortcuts, which guides users to the relevant sticker packs when they receive a new sticker from a friend. A new row of icons is also available, for quick access to functions such as inserting stickers and other media.

Other features in the app include the ability to write captions and make drawings on the images and video messages sent by a user, something already found on Snapchat. The Slingshot app also offers users viewing a message the ability to send a reaction to an image. The app maintaining its ephemeral nature deletes an image once it is swiped away by the user.

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